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I have never known life without a pencil or paintbrush in my hand.From my earliest memories, I've loved to draw and paint; and I often had a 3-D project or two cluttering my family's dining room table or garage. (In elementary school I even made a life-sized pony out of papier mache). As a child I spent almost every Saturday with a wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Tibbetts, who never, ever taught her students how to draw, but gave us every imaginable medium with which to explore and experiment. Her enthusiasm for the journey of creating has had a lasting impact in my development as an artist. I don't think I ever made a conscious decision to be an artist; it was just what I did.

   After studying art at the University of Georgia and graduating with a BFA in graphic design, I worked as an art director for many years. During that time, I continued developing my drawing and painting skills. My pencil renderings are mostly of people, and sometimes take weeks to complete. My watercolor paintings are very small, and depict mostly rural themes.

   Eventually I found my passion for papier mache. I was inspired by vintage children's books and German papier mache Halloween figures, and began making my own small pumpkins and glittered snowmen. Many of the stylized, whimsical pieces I make have a down-home, vintage look, while some reflect my roots in graphic design. Hours of loving labor go into every work, and I often rely upon the advice of my three young daughters to help me find just the right childlike personality for each piece.

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